Tree Trimming Services

Are your trees looking a bit ragged or rough around the edges? At Singletary’s Tree Service, we are a team of professional arborists serving the Northshore region of Louisiana and Mississippi, including the communities of Picayune, Pearl River, Slidell, Abita Springs, Mandeville, and Covington. We know that regular maintenance for your trees will not only enhance their beauty but help to preserve their structural integrity.

New growth on your trees should be carefully managed and maintaining the surrounding brush and debris could save it from disease. Louisiana is known for beautiful oak trees. If you have oaks and wish to enhance their beauty and prolong their life, you should consider having them properly maintained by the experienced and professional arborists at Singletary’s Tree Service.

Benefits of Pruning

Would you believe that keeping your tree’s trimmed not only benefits the tree but it also benefits your budget? Let us cover a few benefits to tree pruning:

  • Promote Healthy Tree Growth
  • Structural Support of the Tree Increases
  • Improves the Safety of public and property
  • Clears Intrusive Overgrowth that Impedes Nice Views Encroaches on Structures
  • Replanting or Replacing Trees can be Costly

Trees that have a low exposure to sunlight and a low circulation of air between its leaves have an exponentially increased risk of developing a fugi that will eventually produce decay and lead to the death of the tree. This is why trimming and pruning is of vital importance to the health of the tree.

Oak Tree Pruning

Oak trees are some of the most common and beautiful trees in our area. There is also a disease that could kill the oak tree. Have you ever heard of oak wilt? Oak wilt is the most common disease that effects our majestic oaks. The disease is at its peak transmission from February 1st to June 15th. Pruning your trees during these months will leave your tree vulnerable and you also take the risk of spreading the disease to nearby oaks on your property or your neighbor’s property.

There are some cases in which the tree covers a beautiful view from a window or the back porch. Maybe an overgrown tree is even covering up the front of your home. Many times, you can save the tree by properly trimming the tree.

Whether you have an enormous and beautiful oak tree, a majestic cypress tree, or gorgeous palms, these trees are generally huge investments or irreplaceable land marks. Proper upkeep in maintenance is a must to preserve the longevity and health of these magnificent trees. Singletary’s Tree Service has trained professional arborists that can care for your trees and maintain a regular pruning.

Is there a better time of year to trim my trees?

A trained arborist must inspect the trees to determine the species and if that species is better trimmed during a certain season, when it is dormant, or while it is growing. All trees have different requirements and preform better if guidelines are followed. Professional arborists are studied individuals and understand a wide variety of plant species and all of the dos and don’ts for each species.

Our professional arborists will consult with you and make a recommendation based on the needs of the client and the needs of the trees.

Now is the time to schedule your oak tree pruning! June 16th through January are good months with the optimal times being Fall and Winter.